Think pink

I am on the lookout for new or used books with pink covers. Silly? Maybe. I want to display them on white bookshelves in my office. I don’t actually have white bookshelves yet, lol, but I will. Guess I need to look for shelves and a desk too. Book hunting is way more fun though! I saw somewhere that you can order custom book covers but I don’t know how I feel about that. Authors spend a lot of time creating or picking out their cover. Do I want to cover up their hard work? I did find a custom set of Jane Austin novels in blush pink leather covers but, whoa!!! Way out of my price range. They are beautiful but not that beautiful.

I found this picture on that I love too, it would look great on my wall but I’m just not sure if I love it $90 worth. Am I a cheapskate? I think I have champagne taste but a beer budget.😉

Do you have a home office or a reading/writing nook? I’d love to see picture or any ideas and inspiration for decorating mine.

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